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Spanish Classes in San Jose area

Using English
to learn Spanish

Spanish classes in San Jose area

classes for Spanish

Spanish classes for professionals

Spanish classes for heathcare

Our classes are:

  • In San Jose area.
  • Based on the methodology of Using English to Learn Spanish
  • Intended for professionals, as healthcare providers or engineers


Program. Groups are of up to 6 people, however each session provides a high degree of one-to-one follow-up. Individualization is key. individualization Each class addresses pronunciation, individual vocabulary and teacher feedback.

Workshops. One time two-hour workshops on the methodology Using English to Learn Spanish ™ are also available for those who want to become self-learners from the beginning.

Location. The classes are given 'on-site,' at your office.

Levels. We distinguish two levels of Spanish. One, intended for those who start from the beginning; the other, for those who are able to communicate in Spanish.

Goals. For those groups starting from zero, the goal is to achieve the intermediate level(*) -communication. For those who can already communicate in Spanish, the goal is to acquire the advanced level -professional proficiency.

Price. Individualization permits to form groups (of up to six persons) easily, while keeping the quality of an individual course. The reference price is $150 per hour.

Material. The only required material is the textbook of the series Using English to Learn Spanish: Spanish For Engineers, Spanish for Health Care, or Advanced Spanish

Duration. The completion of the courses is estimated to be six months (**), having two hours per week. (Six months is also the estimate for self-learners to complete the textbook: Using English to Learn Spanish

Assignments. The book makes the readers explore their areas of interest to create their own dictionary. No assignments are necessary besides the reading and exercises included in the textbook.

Evaluation. Short self-pace questionnaires are included in th program just to show the learners their own achievements. A formal evaluation can be performed upon request.


*/ The student starting the intermediate can read and write, has a 1,500-word vocabulary, and knows four verb tenses.
**/ As a reference, at San Jos´┐Ż State University, grammar is completed in two semesters, totaling 68 class hours.

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