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Discover our ultimate list of cool words.

Discover interesting words and translations for your new vocabulary. In this list you will find sets of words that are related, English words that are related with their Spanish counterparts and cool translations. This list grows with your suggestions!


  1. The words of this list are sorted by topic (by type of connection with their Spanish counterpart). This the Id number of the existing items will change as new words are inserted.
  2. The content between slashes // represents the pronunciation.
  3. /J/, /H/ represent the English sounds in, for example, the English words “jam” and “ham.” /a/,/e/, /i/, /o/, /u/ represent the Spanish sounds of those letters.
  4. /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/ are the Spanish sounds, close to those of the English words “banana,” “gas,” “extra,” “picnic,” and “colon.”
  5. CAPITALS are just emphasis *(It doesn’t represent either stress or the actual capitalization of the word).
  6. Lines in bold represent the first instance of a set of lines related to the same property.
# English Spanish Comment
1 gas gas cognate with same spelling, stress, and pronunciation
2 pasta pasta
3 Africa África
4 iota iota
5 flora flora
6 banana banana
7 bar bar
8 cafe café
9 picnic picnic
10 colon colon
11 coma coma
12 drama drama
13 extra extra
14 gala gala
15 gas gas
16 kilo kilo
17 opera opera
18 pasta pasta
19 patio patio
20 picnic picnic
21 taxi taxi
22 cable cable /kable/ cognated with same spelling, stress but different pronunciation
23 Asia Asia /asia/
24 oasis oasis /oasis/
25 cadaver cadáver /kadaber/
26 radio radio /radio/
27 iris iris /iris/
28 virus virus /birus/
29 hotel hotel /otel/
30 gel gel /Hel/
31 euro euro /euro/
32 aurora aurora /aurora/
33 viceversa vice versa /biceversa/
34 Paula Paula /paula/
35 pseudo pseudo /seudo/
36 coyote coyote /coiote/
37 armadillo armadillo /armadiJo/
38 llama call /Jama/
39 fauna fauna /fauna/
40 Venus Venus /benus/
41 Jupiter Júpiter /Hupiter/
42 halo halo /alo/
43 algebra álgebra /alHebra/
44 neon neón /neon/
45 pus pus /pus/
46 primate primate /primate/
47 angel ángel /anHel/
48 bacteria bacteria /bakteria/ bacteria-bacterias
49 silo silo /silo/
50 to plummet DESplomarse cognates with different prefix, suffix
51 decorated CONdecorado e.g., decorated captain
52 to UNDERmine minar e.g, undermine someone’s morale
53 Amunition munición
54 to placate Aplacar
55 INtegumentary tegumentario
56 aplomb aplomo
57 to mainTAIN manTENER
58 to conTAIN conTENER
59 to deTAIN deTENER
60 to absTAIN absTENERse de
61 to enterTAIN entreTENER
62 to obTAIN obTENER
63 to reTAIN reTENER
64 to susTAIN sosTENER
65 to desdain desdeñar words with other connections Spanish-English
66 to DESDain DESDeñar
67 to stain teñir
68 to perTAIN pertenecer a
69 to OUTrun light GANAR a la luz
70 to OUTnumber GANAR en número
71 to brief rendir cuentas, informar
72 to debrief pedir cuentas, pedir info
73 ingenius ingenioso
74 naive ingenuo
75 gullable crédulo
76 culprit culpable
77 guilty culpable
78 to suffice ser suficiente
79 to abound abundar
80 sour ácido
81 acidic ácido
82 to grade exams corregir exámenes
83 to edit a text corregir un texto
84 to come across something toparse con algo
85 to counter contrarestar
86 to second secundar
87 to throw in the towel tirar la toalla (boxing)
88 my two cents mi granito de arena
89 arable land tierra arable (arado=plow)
90 swamped empantanado very busy , swamp=pantano
91 spit SPuTo more common is “saliva”
92 to pick one’s curiosity picar la curiosidad a uno
93 mole topo e.g, mole of the police
94 to see red dejar de pensar encolerizado
95 to be on the lookout. estar pendiente.
96 to do control damage hacer control de daños minimizar las consecuencias que algo va a tener
97 comprenhensive completo
98 complete completo

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The 1960s saw the rise in the surf´s popularity nationwide, with Santa Cruz being the epicenter of attention.  But Santa Cruz, around 40 minutes from San José and San Francisco, is more than a wonderful and curious (and mysterious) spot.

Just 20 miles away is the city of Watsonville, which has an English name but 84% of Spanish-speaking population.

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Santa Cruz is the location of some iconic movies, from Lost Boys (1987) to Us (2017). Being a small city, the number of things to do doesn´t quite fit in: in the water, surf; on the beach, the amusement park , the Walk Board; inland, little cute restaurants and stores downtown; by the mountains… of course…. the Mystery Spot!

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Blanca Smith was born in Michoacán, Mexico. She studied Economics at the University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo in Morelia, Michoacán. She holds a B.A. in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a M.A. in Spanish from San José State University (SJSU). She speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese.. She is the CFO of the Mystery Spot, Inc. as she teaches Spanish at Santa Cruz Community College. 


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